Hastens Luxury Mattresses are The World Standard for Comfortable Sleeping

Published: 15th December 2008
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Hastens mattresses and beds are manufactured in Sweden, and are world renowned for their comfort and luxury. Hasten beds are, since 1952, the official beds of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. However, Hasten has been noted as the producer of a luxury mattress for a hundred years prior to that royal privelege was bestowed.

The producer began in 1852 as a saddle making company. Since saddles are stuffed with horsehair, and horsehair was known for providing superior mattress filling Hastens soon started producing a few hand made mattresses. Soon, producing the Hastens all natural mattress, and the additional frame was the company`s main industry.

A Hastens mattress is crafted exclusively from cotton, linen, wool and horsehair. The bed frames are fashioned of natural Swedish Pine, and the springs of Swedish steel. Using exclusively non synthetic fibers promises that there are no poisonous fumes given off from the mattress. The usual material in most mattresses is polyurethane foam which creates asthmatic reactions in many people. Horsehair has a natural body. It wicks water away and is resistant to insect allergens. The springs in a Hastens mattress are individually encased, and not fastened together. The uplift given by such a plan provides a luxury mattress. Down is used in pillows and quilts for warmth. Every bed is hand made to Hastens excellent specifications.

A Hastens mattress may be purchased for as low as $3000, or as much as $54,000 (USD), in line with the options picked. Quality and craftsmanship are what you will receive in return. Persons with back pain often claim that the one bed on which they can get a good eight hour rest is one from Hastens.

The all natural mattress has won for the company the prestigious Svan certificate. This is Scandinavia`s environmental certification label which proves that the item has been evaluated using a high set of criteria. These criteria include excellence, function and ecological impression on the environment, with a target of creating a sustainable society.

The company is in the fifth generation of non public control, and is committed to excellence rather than cost. Hastens` vision is to bring to the world with the best possible bed. Sure of their ability to accomplish just that, every bed has a 25 year warrantee.

To add to your luxury rest experience, Hastens also provides a line of sleep accessories from the high tech Mind Spa to night shirts, bed linens, mattress toppers, down pillows, and headboards. You can even purchase a toy pony as a reminder of Hastens history as a saddle maker. The company name comes from the Swedish word for horse: hast. All there is about the Hastens experience says elegance.

Buy a Hastens luxury mattress and you will find that you have acquired a luxury rest experience. The all natural materials will ensure you a safe sleeping environment, and the uplift and comfort of a Hastens mattress is unmatched anywhere.

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